About Us


I am Gigi Quinn.  You may be  Gigi Quinn too, I wouldn’t know, nor would I dare to judge, but I am the real one.

The one whose adolescent son was diagnosed with a mental health disorder in 2013.  The one who is still trying to figure out what that means for my relationship with him, and with my newly minted teenage daughter, and my marriage of 24 years.  The one who knows the incredible isolation from friends and even family that any mental health diagnosis brings.

We may be surrounded by people who love us and want to help and support us, and yet we remain utterly alone.

I’m the one who knows that adding an eating disorder and substance abuse to a mental health diagnosis brings isolation on steroids.  And the Gigi Quinn who knows the isolation is to a certain extent self-imposed and to an even greater extent not necessary.

This blog is my attempt to end the isolation of my own particular trauma.  It’s also a blog for our friends and family, so they have a little insight into what we are in the midst of, since we rarely have the words in the moment to explain this tumultuous thing, ordeal, life, that is now ours.  But it’s for you too, no matter how big or small your trauma, it’s a place for you to belong, to laugh, to cry.

This is not a story of how I survive, although it may include stories of what I have managed to figure out.  Instead, it’s kind of musings along the way, some sad, some not, but mostly it’s honesty.

Because if we are honest with ourselves, with our families, with our friends, there is no reason to be isolated in our struggles.  Life is hard, sometimes and it helps if you have someone to laugh and cry with along the way.